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Breaking News: This is unbreakable can you imagine a river at southern inter-Korea border turned red with a pig blood

A river in South Inter-Korean Border turned red with pigs blood A river near the inter-Korean border has turned red after being polluted with blood f...

Wed, Nov 2019

Eerie US WWII fighter plane that crashed off UK coast given protected status

A U.S. World War II fighter plane that crashed off the coast of North Wales and occasionally appears from the sands has received protected status, of...

Tue, Nov 2019

Breaking News:A Russia professor admits a murder after a woman's arms was found in a bag

A well-known Russian historian has confessed to murdering his lover, his lawyer says, after he was found in a river with a backpack containing a woman...

Mon, Nov 2019

Iran oil: New field with 53bn barrels found - Rouhani

A new oil field that would increase Iran's proven reserves by about a third has been discovered, President Hassan Rouhani has said. The field, in t...

Mon, Nov 2019

Jordan ends border enclaves land lease for Israeli farmers

The King of Jordan has announced the end of a lease agreement that gave Israelis access to two border enclaves. Under a 1994 peace treaty, Israeli ...

Mon, Nov 2019

Ayodhya verdict: The man who helped Lord Ram win

For more than a decade, he sat in musty courtrooms, representing a Hindu God in one of the country's most contentious and deadly disputes. In court...

Sat, Nov 2019

This is unbelievable: French student burn himself because of some financials problems

A 22-year-old French student is in a critical condition after setting himself on fire. The man posted on Facebook about his financial difficulties ...

Sat, Nov 2019

The North Korea are facing poor harvest amid food shortage

North Korea's harvest is predicted to be worse than usual, exacerbating already severe food shortages in the country, a monitoring group says. Usin...

Sat, Nov 2019

GOOD NEWS :a Man found £100,000 gold haul while looking for his mates wedding ring with a metal detector..

A metal detectorist who was asked to look for his friend’s lost wedding ring ended up going home £100,000 richer when his equipment found a pot o...

Sat, Nov 2019

The First Step To Take Before Starting Up A Business

New and emerging technology gives large number of businesses to choose from. There are 28.8 million small businesses in the United States, according t...

Sat, Nov 2019

what will happen to the world if their is nothing like GPS

What would happen if GPS - the Global Positioning System - stopped working? For a start, we would all have to engage our brains and pay attention t...

Sat, Nov 2019

The European union should halt funding of oil, gas and coal projects, EU finance ministers said, potentially cutting €2bn (£1.7bn) of yearly investments.

The European Union should halt funding of oil, gas and coal projects, EU finance ministers said, potentially cutting €2bn (£1.7bn) of yearly invest...

Sat, Nov 2019


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