This are the 30 things a woman must know before the reaching 30

Thu, Sep 2019


This are the 30 things a woman must know before the reaching 30


Women get a little nervous about turning 30 with the same worries that every other person in their late 20s have. As the big 30 approaches, your life needs a time of reflection, letting go of some bad habits, embracing new interests, and setting ourselves up for more financial, emotional, and mental stability for the years ahead.

From letting go of bad habits to maintaining emotional balance, here are some things that all women should know before turning 30. 1. How to live alone as it is a great experience and a perfect time to get to know yourself better. 2. How to be kind to the people who are rude to you.

3. How to have a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. 4. How to quit a job, break up with a partner and confront a friend without ruining the friendship. 5. How to know who you can trust, who you can’t and why you shouldn’t take it personally.

6. How to surround yourself by only the books, images, music and people that make you happy. 7. How to develop the ability to speak honestly about your weaknesses, failures and disappointments as it is your greatest strength. 8. To realize nothing is more fulfilling than helping other people.

9. Determine who to confide in as people and relationships change. 10. How to attend events and parties and lectures you have no interest in going to but can be beneficial. 11. How to Negotiate a raise – Get paid what you deserve. 12. How to sew on a fallen button, or restitch a seam.

13. How to set up a budget and stick to it. 14. Get a passport and take a solo sabbatical. 15. How to handle yourself in an emergency without totally losing your cool. 16. How to say “no” in the most polite way possible. 17. How to admit when you’re wrong, or if you don’t know what the hell is going on.

18. Know first aid basics, like how to disinfect a cut. 19. Confront a friend without losing them forever. 20. How to move on from things that hurt you in the past. 21. How to dress according to your shape, size, and style. 22. How to pick your battles wisely.

You should know that every argument doesn’t require a response. 23. How to keep a journal full of your deepest thoughts. 24. How to keep a photo album full of memories. Be it on a flash drive or email. 25. How to buy something expensive for yourself just because you deserve it.

26. Know how to cook. At least the basics. 27. How to manage your time. 28. How to make a good first Impression. 29. How to swim Swimming is one of those survival skills that everyone should definitely know how to do by the time they turn 30. 30. How to handle a baby.






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